Creative ways to upcycle pallets.

Upcycling is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality. Listed below are a few different creative diy ideas for you to make with your leftover pallets.

  • Fences and gates are simple to make and only require one or more pallets and a few garden accessories. They will be a very effective addition to your garden, especially when coated with a suitable sealing paint or finish which will also lengthen its lifespan.
  • Pallet wood laptop riser.
  • Wall art, such as  bookshelves and cupboards. You could also decorate the pallets with your favourite phrases, quotes or pictures and hang them up as canvases. Wall art is a unique and effective addition to your room and there are so many different things for you to make, if you search how to make pallet wall art you will be overwhelmed with the amount of different ideas you will discover.
  • Hanging baskets for plants in your garden, these are very useful if you’re limited with space.
  • Pallets are a great way to make modern furniture such as headboards and chic coffee tables.
  • You can never really have enough kitchen storage,  you can easily create a simple effective wine rack to hang in your kitchen using leftover pallets or even a hanging kitchen rack to hang pots and pans.
  • Dog beds are also a great way to upcycle your pallets, your dog will feel cozy and stylish when lounging in her diy bed. You can also add a touch of personalisation by stencilling their name on to the wood.
  • You could create a swing chair for your back garden.
  • Sofa frames are very effective and fairly straightforward to construct, it just takes a few wood pallets and some countersunk screws to secure them together.

As you can see there as so many unique and fun ways to upcycle your leftover pallets, so there is no need to get rid of them. It is also something to keep your children occupied as they’ll enjoy it and feel a sense of achievement when it’s completed, especially if it’s used around the house.…